Student Advocacy Support

Adaptation and Advocacy

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Thrive Tutoring and Education Services offers parents and guardians support in designing home and classroom adaptations and advocacy skills. These are short term sessions meant to empower and inform the adults on ways they can assist the children in their care.

Classroom adaptations and student advocacy are often the first step in supporting your child with their learning needs. The right supports can help your student stay engaged in their education and to move forward in their learning while they gain necessary learning skills through tutoring.


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Classroom adaptations are designed for the individual child and are meant to support the child in remaining in the classroom and continuing to access curriculum content to the best of their ability.

Adaptations can be designed for home and for school and differ based on the specific needs of the child.

Examples of adaptations commonly used for students with learning differences are:

  • Talk to text output assistance
  • Screen reader
  • Audio book access
  • Test and exam support
    • Elimination of time limits
    • Quiet work space
    • Reader/scribe support
  • In class peer support
  • Use of technology to record class room discussions and notes


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Students with different learning needs require support from the adults in their lives including advocating for adaptations and community support. Advocacy is a life long skill that begins with the adults and later transfers to the students themselves.

Thrive Tutoring and Education Services provides advocacy coaching for adults and students to help develop the language and terminology needed to properly advocate in education and workplace settings. In addition we will accompany you or your student to IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings or other education support meetings when requested.


  • Adaptation and Advocacy services are $80.00 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour for initial consultations.
  • Additional sessions may be booked for a minimum of an hour per session.
  • Sessions can be pre-booked for weekday evenings or Saturday afternoons and are open to parents, guardians, educators and other child and youth advocates.
  • Payment is due at time of services and may be paid via cash, cheque or e-transfer.


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