Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

Reading skills development for readers of all ages.

Thrive Tutoring Services offers individual summer reading intensives (3 weeks per session) using the Literacy Links program and resources including visual aids, images and symbols. In addition, Thrive Tutoring Services has integrated hands on activities and movements into the program to engage a variety of learning styles and needs.

Literacy Links is a pre-reading program developed at the Calgary Academy as a comprehensive approach to developing the foundational steps in reading. Literacy Links introduces the 44 phonemes, the sounds that make up the English language, so that the student is better prepared to sound out and decode words while reading. Literacy Links was developed  through careful research and has proven to be very effective in increasing reading skills after a short three week intensive. Literacy Links was designed at the Calgary Academy  using best practices from the most effective phonics programs such as Orton Gillinghan and Lindamood-Bell.

Learning phonemes is an important first step for the reluctant reader, a step before learning letters, spelling and reading. With a strong foundation in the sounds of the English language the student is prepared to take the next steps in reading more fluently for information and enjoyment.

Program Details:

  • Individual sessions – one student
  • 3 weeks
  • Monday to Friday
  • 2 hours per day
  • Dates available:
    • July 8 – 26, 2019
      • 1 placement remaining
    • August 12 – 30, 2019
      • 2 placements remaining

Cost: $2500.00

To learn more about Thrive Tutoring Services Summer Reading Intensives continue reading below or contact Thrive Tutoring Services here.

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Thrive Tutoring Services 3 week reading intensive – Our summer reading intensive is designed to give students a boost in understanding how to break down and approach reading. The program is delivered through:

  • 3 weeks of classes – Monday to Friday
    • 2 hours per day
    • 30 hours of total in-class learning
  • Reading program materials and ideas for continued learning throughout the school year
  • Use of the programs and tools designed by the Calgary Academy and delivered as Literacy Links
  • Enhanced program with movement activities and hands on clay modeling to increase retention of learning

Literacy Links – go here to learn more about how Literacy Links was developed and how it impacts reading comprehension and grade level learning after the student has attended a three week intensive. Thrive Tutoring Services provides one on one Literacy Links intensives for students using the tools, resources and program developed at the Calgary Academy.

Body Movement – go here to learn more about how the brain benefits from body movement and exercise. Learning is supported with regular movement breaks and by integrating movement into the learning activities. Thrive Tutoring Services provides students with movements that are designed to help the brain communicate across the mid-line and enhance connections between the brain hemispheres.

Modelling in Clay – go here to learn more about how the use of modelling sounds and words combined with images helps the developing brain create connections and understand concepts. Thrive Tutoring Services uses clay modelling with students to enhance the Literacy Links program and deepen the understanding of phonemes in the written and spoken language.