Local Resources – Parenting Support Services

The fifth post in the local resources blog series will provide a listing of support services targeted towards parents and caregivers.

Parenting Support Services

At Thrive Tutoring Services, we understand that the well-being and holistic education of their children is a priority for many parents. We hope to help parents and caregivers to provide the best and fullest education for those in their care, and we have compiled the below list in order to aid in this goal.

There are not individuals on this list as I wanted to make sure that all the listings stay current. Therefore I instead chose to highlight organizations and websites that can connect families with the specific resources that they need.

The list of local resources below includes a short overview of the services offered as well as contact info and a link to their website.

Local Parenting Support Services

  • Name: West Kootenay Early Years
    • Services offered: provides connections to community calendars and events for Nelson and the larger West Kootenay area.
    • Website url: https://wkearlyyears.ca/
    • Contact info:
      • Phone: 250-352-6786
      • Email: earlyyears@thekoop.ca


  • Name: Nelson Cares Society
    • Services offered: a number of programs including an advocacy centre, an emergency shelter for women and families, and an affordable housing initiative.
    • Website url: http://nelsoncares.ca/programs/
    • Contact info:
      • Phone: 250-352-5777



  • Name: Kootenay Kids Society
    • Services offered: a number of resources including many different parent support groups, and general pediatric services.
    • Website url: http://kootenaykids.ca/
    • Contact info:


  • Name: FETCH Kootenay Boundary
    • Services offered: has a parenting / parent support listing of local services including parent support circles and divorce / separation support services.
    • Website url: http://kb.fetchbc.ca/index.html?view=crd&e=105
    • Contact info:
      • Phone: 250-505-7248
      • Drop in at: 333 Victoria St. (2nd floor)


  • Name: Nelson and Area Friends of the Family Foundation
    • Services offered: provides financial support to families who are faced with unexpected childhood injuries or accidents.
    • Website url: http://kb.fetchbc.ca/index.html?view=crd&e=105
    • Contact info:
      • Phone: 250-551-5905
      • Email: hello@nelsonfriendsofthefamily.com


  • Name: Nelson Public Library Parent Resources Database


  • Name: West Kootenay Child Care Resource and Referral Program


  • Name: Nelson Community Services
    • Services offered: has a number of programs including family counselling and parenting support, as well as a transition house for women and families experiencing or at risk of abuse.
    • Website url: http://www.servicesfyi.ca/our-programs/
    • Contact info:
      • Phone: 250-352-3504
      • Email: admin@servicesfyi.ca