Local Resources – Educational Support Services

This post in the local resources series will list some of the educational support services that can be accessed in the Nelson area.

Educational Support Services

The Nelson area attracts many families who move here specifically for the abundance of wonderful educational opportunities present in this community. There are a number of schools in Nelson, as well as distance and online education options that make it possible for families to tailor their children’s education towards a particular goal or pedagogy. At Thrive Tutoring Services, we are committed to helping parents and educators make the most out of all of these wonderful resources, and this list is intended to help.

There are schools or other individual education providers on this list as I wanted to make sure that all the listings stay current. Therefore I instead chose to highlight organizations and websites that can connect families with the specific resources that they need.

The list of local resources below includes a short overview of the services offered as well as contact info and a link to their website.

Educational Support Services

  • Name: Kootenay Lake School District Website
    • Services offered: provides links to local schools, school programs, and parent and youth resources.
    • Website url: http://www.sd8.bc.ca/
    • Contact info:
      • Phone: 250-352-6681



  • Name: I Love Nelson Community Resources
    • Services offered: a listing of local resources which can be searched by categories like elementary, high school and higher learning.
    • Website url: http://ilovenelson.com/community-resources/
    • Contact info:
      • Varies depending on service.