Local Resources – Diverse Needs Support Services

The third post highlighting local resources will focus on support services for people with diverse needs and their parents and educators.

Diverse Needs Support Services

Advocating for someone with diverse needs can be a tremendous amount of work. Parents, caretakers, and educators can easily feel overwhelmed about the barriers that prevent those with diverse needs and their families from accessing the resources they need in order to thrive in every aspect of their lives. The list below is meant to provide individuals and families with local and provincial support that will help them to accomplish all their academic goals.

There are not doctors or other individual medical practitioners on this list as I wanted to make sure that all the listings stay current. Therefore I instead chose to highlight organizations and websites that can connect families with the specific resources that they need.

The list of local resources below includes a short overview of the services offered as well as contact info and a link to their website.

Diverse Needs Support Services

  • Name: Learning Disabilities Association of BC
    • Services offered: general information, as well as a listing of online and local resources.
    • Website url: http://www.ldabc.ca/
    • Contact info:



  • Name: Kootenay Kids Society
    • Services offered: a number of resources including a SPEAK (supportive parents educating and advocating for kids) group, and general pediatric therapy.
    • Website url: http://kootenaykids.ca/
    • Contact info: