Local Resources – Mental Health Support Services

In the second post in the local resources blog series I will provide a listing of local mental health support services.

Mental Health Support Services

The health of an individual is not limited to their physical body, and it is important that every child is receiving proper mental health support. However, mental health issues are complicated, and it might be feel overwhelming to try to identify what will best support the mental health of those in your care. To help connect local and provincial mental health resources with individuals and families that need them, we have compiled the list below.

There are not psychologists or other individual medical practitioners on this list as I wanted to make sure that all the listings stay current. Therefore I instead chose to highlight organizations and websites that can connect families with the specific resources that they need.

The list of local resources below includes a short overview of the services offered as well as contact info and a link to their website.

Local Mental Health Support Services


  • Name: FETCH Kootenay Boundary
    • Services offered: provides a range of services including urgent response, short term assessment and treatment, group therapy and a seniors mental health program.
    • Website url: http://kb.fetchbc.ca/service.html?i=275
    • Contact info:
      • Phone: 250-505-7248
      • Drop in at: 333 Victoria St. (2nd floor)