Local Resources – Physical Health Support Services

In this new series of blog posts, I will be focusing on local resources that are available to help individuals and families in many ways.

Physical Health Support Services

Making sure everyone in your family is physically healthy can be difficult and complicated, but you don’t have to do it alone. There are many local organizations, resource centers, and databases that can connect you with the help you need to keep you and those you care for physically healthy.

There are not doctors or other individual medical practitioners on this list as I wanted to make sure that all the listings stay current. Therefore I instead chose to highlight organizations and websites that can connect families with the specific resources that they need.

The list of local resources below includes a short overview of the services offered as well as contact info and a link to their website.


Local Physical Health Support Services


  • Name: BC Association of Speech/Language Pathologists & Audiologists
    • Services offered: association which provides information and the ability to search for a professional audiologist and/or speech pathologist  in your area.
    • Website url: http://www.bcaslpa.ca/public/
    • Contact info:



  • Name: Kootenay Kids Society