An Overview of Services Offered

In our final blog post in the services offered series will provide an overview of all the new services we have added for the fall of 2017.

An Overview

In our previous blog posts we have highlighted three exciting new services that are being offered for the coming school year. At Thrive Tutoring Services we are committed to providing the greater Nelson community with unique, innovative programs that are tailored to the needs of every family. Our peer tutoring, virtual homework help, and homeschool planning and development services are aimed to help a wide range of learners and caregivers in our community.

Peer Tutoring

Our peer tutoring services are designed to pair young learners with older students who can help them to gain valuable numeracy and literacy skills. Peer tutors will be closely monitored to begin with, and will train closely with Georgia to ensure that they are providing the best possible support to every young learner.

It can be very difficult for children who fall behind in their first few years of school to catch up, and this can cause a lot of stress socially and at home. In order to make sure that this does not happen, our qualified team of peer tutors is available to help with children aged 5-12 years.

For more information about our peer tutoring services, please feel free to read more here.

Virtual Homework Help

Virtual homework help is designed for the student who is a confident learning individually and who only needs occasional help and assignment or essay revision. Our virtual homework help program is designed to be flexible, and can be accessed from the comfort of your own home. Our virtual homework tutor has many years of tutoring experience and is excited to be able to provide tutoring services remotely.

High school can be a stressful time for students, especially those aspiring to attend prestigious post-secondary institutions. Our virtual homework help can provide students with an extra push to ensure that they obtain the marks they need in order to be accepted to any program they apply to. Virtual homework help is being taught by Kate, a university student with over 6 years of professional tutoring experience.

For further details about our virtual homework help program, including the cost and specifics of what is included, you can read more here.

Homeshool Planning and Development

The homeschool planning and development services were designed with parents in mind. Homeschooling a child can be an overwhelming, isolating, and difficult experience for parents who don’t have experience as educators and are unfamiliar with the education system and graduation requirements of BC. The homeschool planning and development program can provide a clear, well researched, and individualized education plan to parents and educators that makes any academic goal possible.

The homeschool planning and development services are completed with close consultation from the caregiver, and can be customized to fit the needs of any situation.

If you would like a comprehensive overview of all our homeschool planning and development services, including the cost of each program, you can read more here.