Services Offered – Homeschool Planning and Development

The third post on the topic of services offered will describe our homeschool planning and support program.

Homeschool Planning and Development

dog readingOur homeschool planning and development services are catered to you, the parent or guardian and is designed to assist you with delivering your student’s education in an organized and manageable format. Homeschool planning and development is a short term service best utilized at the beginning of a school year, program or individual course.

This new program can be tailored based on the needs and goals of every family. Whether you need a simple outline of courses to complete and a timeline for getting them done or a more comprehensive support including planning, registration, and even day-to-day scheduling, our homewchool planning and development services can help you ensure that your student achieves their educational goals on schedule.

Homeschool planning and development is done by Georgia Argyle, in close consultation with the parent or educator seeking out the services. Georgia has over 18 years experience working with children in the Nelson area, and is familiar with a wide range of online and distance education providers. She has helped a number of students to complete their homeschooling goals and is excited to work with parents and educators to ensure that every students is able to access the wide range of distance education options available in Nelson.

For a more detailed overview of the homeschool planning and development services we offer, as well as a cost breakdown for the services, please visit this page. To contact us with any unanswered questions you may have please fill out the form found here and we will respond within two business days.