Tutoring Services for the 2017/2018 School Year

At Thrive, we have developed a range of services to meet the needs of individual learners.

  • For all students who require one on one support we have Individual Tutoring Services at $35.00 per hour. These sessions are delivered in a quiet environment and are tailored to the student’s needs, learning style and pace of study.
  • For students who require small group education support in a quieter working environment we provide Small Group Tutoring Services for 2 – 4 students enrolled in the same program and grade level. Prices vary depending on group size, view costs here.
  • For younger students (ages 6 – 13) Thrive offers Peer Tutoring Services. Older students who have been trained to provide individually appropriate education support to students are available to work one on one with your child. Peer tutoring services are available at $25.00 per hour.
  • For homeschool students Thrive offers Homeschool Support Services, one on one help with online courses. We can take your student from start to finish through an entire course or we can provide once a week review of their work to help keep them on track. Homeschool Support Services are provided at $35.00 per hour.
    • And for those busy parents and guardians we offer Homeschool Planning Development. Meet with us to outline your child’s education goals and we will help you set up yearly, monthly and even daily programming to get you on your way. Prices for these services vary depending on the package purchased, view costs here.
  • For students who just need a little bit of help with their homework on a regular basis Thrive offers Virtual Homework Help. Trained tutors are available at scheduled times every day to answer your child’s homework questions, to help when they get stuck and to review completed work. Prices for these services vary depending on the package purchased, view costs here.