Fall Bookings – Peer Tutors

Here we are, not even halfway through summer and our tutors are booked full for the coming school year. With such a positive response to our services we have decided to add peer tutoring services for younger students.

Peer tutors are older students (16 – 18) who have the skills and training to work with younger children supporting early reading and math skills. Peer tutors will be closely monitored for the initial 2 – 4 sessions and will work with Georgia to develop literacy and numeracy training programs for individual students. Thrive peer tutors provide one on one skills development in a professional setting using a range of online, tactile and written resources that support each learner. At the end of each session the learner will be provided with practice work they can complete between sessions at home. Parents will have full access to progress reports and bi-monthly opportunities to attend parent-tutor meetings for more in depth discussions.
Information on peer tutoring services including dates, times and costs can be found here.

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