An Introduction

Welcome to the very first Thrive Tutoring Services blog post. Launched April 2017, Thrive has been a long time in the making. Decades of study, work and personal research have come together to create a learner support program aimed at individual education support for students seeking help in achieving their goals. Blog posts will come out twice a week on a range of education related topics as I put into words my understanding of how best to support students.

Providing education support to students is the most important part of my work; it is the one-on-one interactions that bring about a better understanding of the material and more importantly the learner. It is important for the student and the tutor to understand the unique learning styles and needs of the learner. While everyone has the capacity to learn, we differ in the content we can learn and how we can learn it. Each student brings their own learning styles and preferences to the “table”. I put the word table in quotes because even the location of learning can change the outcome of each session. Students think, learn, process, and output information and ideas in unique ways that are suited to their intellectual strengths and struggles.

As the intersection of learning challenges becomes more complex, the importance of individualized support towards student specific goals increases. Students and the people who support them need to take the time to learn what works and how to apply it. As students grow up and move towards independence, self-knowledge becomes a vital tool they can take into the world. Personal knowledge is personal power and a student who knows how they learn, where they want to go and what they want to accomplish is standing in their personal power. As a tutor, I strive to help students meet their educational goals and discover who they are as learners.

Identifying how a student learns and providing space for that student to learn the way that best meets their needs are important supports. However they are only pieces in an education puzzle that requires all the pieces to thrive. Students also need:

  • Sufficient sleep – the amount varies by individual, age and circumstance
  • Proper nutrition – the brain needs food to function
  • Hydration – lubrication for the nervous system eases internal communication signals
  • Movement – bodies and minds are all part of the same system, support one and you support both
  • Emotional well-being – stress and anxiety overwhelm and hijack the brain demanding attention and relief; learning is difficult when the brain is busy
  • Social support – students need to know they belong, they are connected, and they matter. Strong social support relieves emotional issues and provides a safe space in which to learn

I am looking forward to exploring these ideas and so many more. Over the next few years this blog will cover a range of topics as I explore the work of some of the most brilliant educators, thinkers and education policy makers in modern western (primarily North American) society. Watch for explorations of multiple intelligence, diverse learning styles, human attachment, parent support, student support, education programs and a variety of individual pieces on work or ideas I want to explore. Supporting students is my passion and this blog provides me with an opportunity to share what has informed and inspired my work.